Applying Flawless Foundation

Applying flawless foundation can be done with some simply and easy steps.

Step 1 – Cleanse your Face

Wash and cleanse your face with a cleanser specific to your skin type and pat dry. If you are uncertain of your skin type consult with a skin specialist. One of our favourites is SOTHYS Comfort Cleansing Milk for sensitive to dehydrated skin.

Step 2 – Apply Toner and Moisturiser

When applying your toner use a cotton pad to wipe over the face and less is best in this instance. Fan to dry and then apply moisturiser. Using a moisturiser which is specific for your skin type, apply dots to your cheeks and forehead and blend over the face area. It is important to moisturise your face to maintain a glowing complexion which your makeup can compliment. One of our favourites is SOTHYS Hydra3 Cream.

Step 3 – Apply Primer

Apply a small amount pea size amount of primer to your face. This can be done either with you hands or with your brush depending on the type of primer. Application of a primer is important as it smooths the texture of your skin, boosts coverage and helps makeup wear longer.

Step 4 – Apply Concealer and Foundation

Whether you’re hiding spots, dark circles, redness or highlighting your favourite feature concealer or a colour corrector is your best friend. Which one do you apply first? Well, if you prefer pressed powder foundation apply the concealer first however when using liquid foundation, apply the concealer afterwards.

Step 5 – Powder

Final basic step is to apply a light coat of powder to achieve a matt flawless finish. The best way to apply powder is always with a brush and to gently press the tip of the brush into the powder and move across the face.


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