DMK Enzyme Therapy

Let’s look at the DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment and what makes it so AMAZING and how it gets such great results.

What is DMK?

DMK stands for Danne Montague King who is the founder and pioneer in the industry of skincare. DMK the brand has been designed around the philosophy of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN and as a product looks deeper into what is causing the dysfunction in the skin to cause the concern rather than just treating the surface like most cosmeceutical ranges.

What conditions does it treat?

DMK can treat all skin concerns and at A1skin we perform a thorough skin consultation with all of our clients discussing not only their skin concerns but going into Digestive Health and Diet also which also play a part in most skin concerns. Refer to our previous blog on Digestive Health for more information.

What is the DMK Signature Enzyme Treatment and how does it work?

Enzyme therapy treatment works to reeducate the skin by stimulating collagen production and restoring structural integrity back to the skin. Enzyme therapy treatments improve the skins ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped in the skin which in turn flushes and restores fresh new blood, oxygen and nutrients required for cellular regeneration which is what we call the Plasmatic effect. Check out our Instagram page @a1skinspa for photos…..AMAZING!!!!

We are passionate about changing peoples lives through skin and making them proud of who they are and showing them beauty on the inside and out. Come along for a skin consultation and see one of our DMK Skin Technician to go through our facials, South Melbourne location.

DMK South Melbourne Skin Clinic, A1skin & Spa, 264 Coventry Street, South Melbourne. (03) 9699 3090.



Digestive Health

Digestive health has become an important topic in the last few years with people realising it influences and contributes to a lot of conditions especially those with our skin.

Why is digestive health important?

Digestive health is important to provide our body with the functions such as nutrient absorption, digestion of sugars and proteins as without these performing optimally we would see ourselves starting to have stomach problems, bloating, feeling sluggish in the morning, lack of energy just to name a few. A fun fact for you is that almost 70% of the body’s immune system is actually located in our digestive system so you can see how important it really is to maintain good gut health.

What are some of the signs of poor digestive health?

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Flatulence
  • Acne
  • Dull Skin

Can stress effect your digestive system?

It most certainly can. When a person is under stress we see their heart rate rise and blood pressure go up which affects the blood flow around our bodies and often towards our limbs. This redirection of blood flow leads to reduced contraction of the digestive muscles and affects how optimally the gut works often causing inflammation and increases our likelihood of infection. It is important to find ways to relieve stress for example by exercise or meditation.

How can we help?

For those of you who want to reset your digestive health and feel that it could be working better for your body, we offer a Digestive Tune-Up with Regul8. Regul8 is based on traditional herbal medicine and a basic program will for 20 days however for those who have ongoing gut issues you can go up to 90 days. Regul8 is gluten free and does not require refrigeration.

We place all our skin revision products on this product to ensure their bodies are working optimally for them to achieve the best results from our revision programs.

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Eye Makeup Tips

Below we will give you a little insight into basic eye makeup tips that you can follow and grow your style from.

Basic Eyeliner Tips

  1. Firstly cleanse the eye area completely with a makeup remover so that the eyelids are completely clean and dry.
  2. Now apply eyeliner – if you like a winged eyeliner start from the outer side of the eye and make sure the wing follows the line and is an extension of the lower eyelid, see example below. As you get older the wing might not be for you so a simple eyeliner across the top of the eye will add shape and enhance the eye area. It is always easier to apply eyeliner with a slightly open eye and make sure you are applying as close to the lash line as possible.


Basic Eye Shadow Tips

  1. Firstly cleanse the eye with makeup remover making sure the eyelid is completely dry.
  2. Now for colours:
    1. Start by applying the light color of your palette first over the whole eyelid, this will brighten up your eyes.
    2. Next is to apply a medium shade working from the outer corner of the eyelid inwards blending as you go.
    3. Lastly apply the dark colour along the in the eye socket at the outer corner and blend the whole eye area. This will open the eye up and create an almond shape elegance to your look.
    4. You can then if you wish to use eyeliner do so as above.





The best part about makeup is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. We are always trying different looks at the salon with many difference colours. We offer makeup tutorials in South Melbourne where we have 2 makeup artists working from, only $50 for 30 minute session. Call us today to book and we can help you get that basic day to day look down that will enhance your natural beauty and have everyone amazed, 9699 3090.

Makeup South Melbourne. A1skin Beauty, 264 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205.

Treat Your Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner now and its that time of the year to treat your Mum again and let her know how much you love and appreciate her. We have designed some packages around what the “Mum’s” of the spa have been telling us. Here are a few suggestions below.

Mum’s De-Stress

This package is 2 hours of pure bliss and relaxation for a stressed our Mum. The treatment begins with a beautiful Hot Stone Massage followed by a Classic Spa Facial.

Cost: $220

Mum & I

If you are wanting something to do with Mum this Mother’s Day then this would be perfect, and we are open on Mother’s Day. The treatment is 2 hours and includes an amazing Vitamin C Facial which will leave you glowing and finishes with you and Mum sitting together for a Spa Pedicure.

Cost: $380 for two

Thank You Mum

If you don’t know what Mum would like this Mother’s Day but knows she could do with a bit of relaxation, treat her with a $100 A1skin Gift Voucher and beautiful handmade Sebon Pur gift.

Cost: $100

At A1skin we offer skin consultations before all our facials, South Melbourne location. We are open on Mother’s Day however appointments are booking up fast, so please call us as soon as possible to book (03) 9699 3090.





Home Skincare Routine Tips

We will below provide you with some basic home skincare routine tips.

Whether you have regular facials or only a few times a year, it is always important to have a strict home skincare regime to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Have you ever woken up feeling like your skin is looking dull? Follow these basic steps below and you will be on your way back to glowing skin.

Firstly we must point out that the most important element in your home skincare routine is that you have identified your skin complexion (normal, dry, oily, sensitive, combination). Why is this so important? If you are using products which are not specific to your skin they will either not work or in most cases make your skin worse especially if you have sensitive skin.

Step 1. Cleanse

Cleansing your face daily is a must and to achieve the best results, morning before make-up and night when you get home. This will allow you to keep your skin and pores fresh and free of dirt. Here are some helpful tips on cleansing:

  • Make sure your hands are clean beforehand, you do not want to be transferring further dirt into your skin.
  • Always use warm water when performing your cleanser as this will help with opening your pores to clean.
  • Double cleansing provides a more intense clean.
  • Splash your face with cold water after cleansing to close your pores.
  • Pat dry with a clean tissue, this way no further bacteria or dirt is transferred to your face.

Step 2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating once a week is a good starter and once your skin gets used to the routine you can increase to every 3-4 days. Exfoliation works to remove any unwanted and unnecessary dead or dry skin cells that lay on the surface of the skin creating what you would feel as “rough texture”. Each exfoliant is differently applied and one we recommend is Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask. This exfoliant has the texture of a gel and is applied to cleansed skin and worked through until the dead skin cells form granules on the skin’s surface. Cleansing afterwards again is recommended.

Step 3. Tone

Toner or in some brands lotion has two (2) large benefits:

  • Retains your pH level in your skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and spots.

The best way to apply toner is by pouring a small amount onto a cotton makeup pad and wipe it gently across the skin.

Step 4. Moisturise

Moisturiser is a must for all skin types and if you have dry skin you can consider using a hydrating serum under your moisturiser. Moisturiser will benefit your skin by reducing fine line and also acts to reduce blemishes by controlling the sebum your skin produces. Applying a pea size of moisturiser by hand is enough to replenish the skin and we recommend SOTHYS Hydra3 cream as our go to for clients.

Step 5. Make-up

See our other blog for information on this step.


At A1skin we are able to assist in any skin consultation to determine skin type and offer a wide range of facials, South Melbourne location, for everyone’s concerns. Products we work with are SOTHYS Paris, Aspect and the amazing DMK!

Call us now on (03) 9699 3090 for a free skin consultation.