Eye Makeup Tips

Below we will give you a little insight into basic eye makeup tips that you can follow and grow your style from.

Basic Eyeliner Tips

  1. Firstly cleanse the eye area completely with a makeup remover so that the eyelids are completely clean and dry.
  2. Now apply eyeliner – if you like a winged eyeliner start from the outer side of the eye and make sure the wing follows the line and is an extension of the lower eyelid, see example below. As you get older the wing might not be for you so a simple eyeliner across the top of the eye will add shape and enhance the eye area. It is always easier to apply eyeliner with a slightly open eye and make sure you are applying as close to the lash line as possible.


Basic Eye Shadow Tips

  1. Firstly cleanse the eye with makeup remover making sure the eyelid is completely dry.
  2. Now for colours:
    1. Start by applying the light color of your palette first over the whole eyelid, this will brighten up your eyes.
    2. Next is to apply a medium shade working from the outer corner of the eyelid inwards blending as you go.
    3. Lastly apply the dark colour along the in the eye socket at the outer corner and blend the whole eye area. This will open the eye up and create an almond shape elegance to your look.
    4. You can then if you wish to use eyeliner do so as above.





The best part about makeup is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. We are always trying different looks at the salon with many difference colours. We offer makeup tutorials in South Melbourne where we have 2 makeup artists working from, only $50 for 30 minute session. Call us today to book and we can help you get that basic day to day look down that will enhance your natural beauty and have everyone amazed, 9699 3090.

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