Have one of our highly skilled and qualified massage South Melbourne therapists relax and unwind you with your choice of a massage therapy; relaxation, deep tissue, remedial or pregnancy.

Relaxation Massage

This classic relaxation massage is one of the best releasing stress by incorporating slow but firm movements to restore balance & harmony.

  • 45 mins……..$75
  • 60 mins……..$95
  • 90 mins……..$145

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue for a more specialised massage therapy focusing on deeper firmer movements or specific problem areas designed to unknot those aches and pains. Ideal for stubborn or chronic muscular conditions.

  • 45 mins………$95
  • 60 mins………$115
  • 90 mins………$155

Pregnancy Massage

Have a qualified pregnancy masseuse focus on what areas need it the most, back, neck, hips and legs. This treatment uses a pregnancy support cushion that accommodates any stage of pregnancy and helps to stimulate soft tissues to reduce collection of fluids in swollen joints, reducing swelling in hands, feet and ankles.

  • 45 mins……….$95
  • 60 mins……….$115

Warm Stones   60 min  $135

These sacred stones are wrapped with oriental spices and then continuously immersed in warm marula oil. Your therapist will then use a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques on the whole body to provide total relaxation. 60 minutes of pure bliss.

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