DMK Alkaline Hair Removal Melbourne

DMK Alkaline Hair Removal is a remarkable treatment designed to remove small or large areas of hair in one treatment with no discomfort as with other hair-removal systems. After the first treatment, the hair will grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the hair will reduce.

The treatment is completely pain-free, however in some cases the area can appear red and warm which is normal and will subside normally in an hour or so. Treatments are recommended at approximately 2 weeks apart to begin with, then to a month apart and then longer periods of time as the hair starts to reduce.

Lip + Chin –  $59

Cheeks + Side of Face –  $85

Cheeks + Jaw –  $95

Cheeks, Jaw + Neck –  $105

Full Face –  $105

Face, Jaw + Neck –  $120

What is Alkaline and How Does it Work?

Alkaline is a powder that is mixed into a paste and applied onto the area which swells the hair shaft as it dissolves the hair. As the Alkaline is working to dissolve the hair it is also acting to damage and create trauma to the bulb which will as treatments progress reduce the rate of re-growth.

Benefits of Alkaline Hair Removal:

  • Alkaline removes fine hair at the same time as improving the texture.
  • Weakens and reduces hair re-growth.
  • Ideal for people who are unsuitable for waxing, electrolysis or laser.
  • Pain free.
  • Treats ingrown hairs and folliculitis and prevents them from reoccurring.
  • Perfect for reactive skins as it will not cause skin irritations or rashes.