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Here at A1 Skin, one of the most common things we do are facials and we thought we would just go through some common myths about facials with you….so lets get straight into it!! Skin Clinic South Melbourne.

  1. A facial twice a year is all you need….hmmm

We obviously are slightly biased being a skin clinic Melbourne but this myth is true for those who have genetically blessed skin but in majority of cases it requires regularly treatments and good quality home care to keep. When it come to correcting the skin concern it is obviously a more regular occurrence as part of a skin program.

We always say that everyones skin is different so what works for one doesn’t work for everyone. How often do you have facials??

  1. Facials make me break out…True or False?

We won’t lie sometimes you can get the odd breakout after a facial.  One of the most common things to cause this is touching your face after your facial to feel how soft your skin is….naughty naughty but we are all guilty of that!!  It can also be the skin detoxing and often depends on what treatment you select to have…..if you pick a peel this is more than likely if there is underneath congestion going to bring some up.

So in short, don’t book a facial just before a big event if you have not had one for months prior.

  1. Putting oil on my skin will make me oily…True or False?

False. In fact sometimes it’s beneficial to give an oily skin an oil product which I know sounds crazy but just hear us out. When you have an oily skin and you’re prone to breakouts, the last thing you want to do is put an oily product onto your skin however, generally acneic skins have a poor barrier function and using an oil on their skin can actually help to repair that barrier function giving the skin more protection from external factors and improving it. So in short, don’s rule out an oil if a skin specialist prescribes one.

  1. You don’t need to wear sunscreen if the sun is not out….True or False?

False. SPF needs to be word rain, hail or shine and let us explain why. There are different types of UV rays that we need to be careful of, UVA & UVB. UVA being UV Ageing and UVB being UV Burning. UVA is responsible for the breaking down of collagen in the skin which I am not sure that there is anyone who wants to loose collagen in their skin quicker…NOT ME!! This type of UV is all year round even when the clouds are out unfortunately so even though you may not go red with the UVB you are still exposing your skin to UVA which is starting to age the skin.

  1. The higher the SPF the better….True or False?

When it comes to sunscreen the higher number is not always better….in fact an SPF 30 is the highest you need. But why? Let’s begin with the amount of protection they each give you:

– SPF 30 is 97.3% UV protection

– SPF 50 is 97.8% protection

…..not much difference right! So why choose an SPF 30 over 50? Most SPF 50+ sunscreens are a chemical sunscreen that meaning it absorbs into your skin, not good! An SPF 30+ however, will create a physical barrier on top of the skin and bounce the UV rays off the skin which is much healthier for your skin.

So how do you pick the right SPF??? Always look for one with Zinc in it, this is what gives the sunscreen its physical barrier.


Now that we have a few of the common myths out of the way we can all rest easy haha. As always, stay safe, look after yourself and love your skin!