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Are you wondering how to shine through isolation? Generally when people think of A1 Skin, they think about all the amazing work we do in clinic fixing skin concerns (we don’t call ourselves A1 Angles for nothing!) but during isolation we are seeing ourselves helping our clients adapt to treating themselves at home. The question on everyone’s minds when all beauty closed was ‘how are we going to cope?’.

Now as we are all currently going through this crazy unprecedented times due to COVID19, and there is only so many 1000 piece puzzles you can get through, lets look at some fun creative ways to keep our face and body shining.

Lets look at the Face First…

Yes it is possible to keep up treatments at home yourself! They may not be the same as visiting a clinic but if you keep up your home care you will be keeping the skin happy until you can get back to your normal routine of treatments. But how you ask??!!

  1. Cleansing – in isolation we can get a little lazy…please don’t! Cleansing morning and night is just as important as if you were going out into the world as if you are staying at home having zoom meetings in your PJs.
  2. Exfoliation – we cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to keep exfoliating every 3-4 days to keep those dead skin cells moving through and your skin clinic Melbourne if they are not us will be able to give you a booster treatment for this at home…..Lira designed an AMAZING ‘baby’ peel.
  3. Retinol/Vitamin A – if you are using Retinol keep using it as this will also keep the skin ticking over.
  4. Go Makeup FREE – YES YES YES….this is one that we encourage for everyone to try when they are just at home….let your skin have a break from the daily grind of makeup application it will thank you for it!

Now for the Body….

Lets channel our inner chemist and look at how we can do a little DIY creating a scrub which is always fun to make and you bound to have everything you need at home. For a basic and simple scrub all you need is some oil (preferable olive or coconut oil) and either salt or sugar…..simple right?? But what kind of a blog would this be if it was as simple as that…..lets think outside the box a little bit hehehe.

Lets get inventive….coconut oil, sugar, coffee grounds (which help stimulate blood flow) and activated charcoal (for detoxification).  There is not right or wrong amounts when you do DIY but let me run through how I do it…..

  1. Place your oil of choice in a bowl. If you’re using coconut oil, make sure it’s at room temperature, so its not solid, but also runny;
  2. Add in your exfoliating ingredient (sugar or salt), activated charcoal and your coffee grounds. Remember with these ingredients, the finer they are, the more of an exfoliation you’ll get;
  3. Mix it all together and put it into an airtight container till you’re ready to use it.

Remember though home made scrubs can be messy when you’re using them so we normally recommend in the shower and make sure you wash it off with soap thoroughly after and just pat yourself dry and let the oil do its thing moisturising overnight.


So now that you know how to keep shining through Iso our work is done hahaha! How much better do you feel after a little self love and care at home??….its not just great for your skin but also for our mental health and wellbeing during these times. Don’t forget to treat yourself!