Myths And Facts About Skin Needling

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Let’s chat today about why Skin Needling is so AMAZING and all the myths and facts about Skin Needling. There are few treatments out there that can do it all! From ageing concerns to acne and scarring, skin needling has it all covered! But there are still so many things that people ask us so we’re here to clear it all up for you. Before we get into debunking myths and answering questions, we’re just going to give a brief run down of skin needling for those of you who aren’t 100% sure of what it’s all about.

What is Skin Needling?
Skin needling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Micro-needling. How it works is by creating micro channels in the skin that stimulates a wound healing response which forces your skin to naturally create more collagen and elastin. If we’re honest, the cells that create collagen and elastin (Fibroblasts) are very lazy and stop making new collagen and elastin when we hit the age of 25…BOO!!! so trust us, they need a good kick in the butt to get going again ever now and then haha. By stimulating the wound healing response we can naturally plump and tighten the skin and give it more of a youthful glow (now who doesn’t want that!?).

Myths Debunked
1. Does it hurt?
Firstly, the most common concern we hear from all of our clients, is “does skin needling hurt?”. Let’s be honest about this, it’s not like a feathers brushing your your face haha there is a degree of discomfort with this treatment….but on the plus side it is very quick treatment. You also need to keep in mind also that everyone’s pain threshold and sensitivity of the skin is different and depending on where you are in your cycle if you are female this can also have an affect on how uncomfortable the treatment may or may not be. Some places suggest using a topical anaesthetic before a treatment but we actually don’t recommend this as it can inhibit your results and when you are paying high costs for a treatment you need to get everything out of it.

2. Skin Needling only treats wrinkles
Something else that a lot of people assume about skin needling is that it only treats wrinkles. This is NOT true at all! Skin needling can actually help to treat many different skin concerns and conditions including but not limited to: acne (grades 1 and 2 only: pimples and papules), scarring (acne scarring and surgical scars), stretch marks, rosacea, pigmentation and of course ageing. Depending on which concern we are treating will determine how we use the needling device for example for concerns such as pigmentation or acne we use the needles at a shorter depth, whereas if we were treating rosacea, ageing or scarring we want to have the needles reaching a deeper level in the skin to get results. It is always important that you ask questions when you are having a treatment with a skin specialist Melbourne, know what they are doing.

3. You can only needle fairer skin types
Some people may be concerned that only fairer skin types can have a skin needling treatments but this is also NOT true. Skin needling is safe for all skin types! With any client who wants to go down the path of skin needling, we always ensure that their skin is healthy and strong enough so that we can safely do the treatment. What does that mean you ask? Well….making sure that you are on a good home skin care routine and that any concerns that can not be treated (like acne that is deep or cystic) are treated and cleared first, we don’s want any of that bacteria spreading over the rest of the skin.

4. Is it as good as having Botox?
For those who don’s want to go down the path of Botox and Fillers just yet, skin needling is a natural alternative to Botox and Fillers as we are stimulating your skin to produce its own collagen and elastin. By stimulating this response from your skin it is going to naturally tighten and plump the appearance of your skin. AND another great face about this type of process is that your skin will still be creating and solidifying new collagen and elastin for up to 12 MONTHS!! after your last treatment, how amazing is that!

On the other hand, for those of you that already have Botox and Fillers this is also a great way to actually prolong the life of your injectables… who wouldn’t want to go less often to Botox!?

5. Will you bleed?
The answer to this depends on what we are treating the skin for. In most cases, the answer is yes as we are looking for pin point bleeding as our end result to know that we are achieving what we want. However, there is the odd occasion when treating something like pigmentation that you don’t actually want to achieve a pin point bleeding in the skin rather we just want to make the skin nice and pink. We PROMISE we would never have you leaving looking like a mess…..everything is cleaned up and you just simply feel like you have been sunburnt.

6. How much downtime?
YES there is but probably not as much as you think. Downtime of around 24-48 hours is the norm and during this time you will find that your skin can feel or look a little sunburnt the next day and you may also flake a little or in some cases you may be just fine everyone is different. There are a few IMPORTANT things to do during this time are:
– don’t wear any makeup and then afterward the skin has healed wear mineral based makeup so it doesn’t seep into the pores;
– be careful of home care products you put onto your skin straight way. You will be advised by your therapist what you can and can not put on the skin (for example Vitamin A…NO!);
– change your pillow case after having a treatment to avoid any dirt or bacteria getting into the skin;
– don’t heat the skin…that means no exercising or sweating during this period, no steamy hot showers, saunas or spa baths etc….common sense things.

It is always best to just think that you need to give your skin a bit of TLC…..look after it until is heals itself.

7. How many treatments will I need?
This as with any other treatment, comes down to what we are treating but it could be anywhere from 3-6 treatments. As a general rule of thumb after 3 treatments we will re-evaluate the skin and see if any more treatments are needed. If we are treating something like scars or stretch marks, there are a few other factors that come into how many treatments you’ll need, these can include how old the scars/stretch marks are and how deep they are. Skin needling treatments are performed anywhere from 2-8 weeks apart, again depending on what the skin is being treated for.

Well I hope that has answered a few of your questions about Skin Needling as we LOVE it as a treatment!!! As always, stay safe, look after yourself and love your skin! Skin Clinic South Melbourne. Facials South Melbourne Clinic we are always here to help.