Face Skin Peel Treatment South Melbourne

Lira Smart Clinical Skin Peels Treatment believes in a HEELING approach to PEELING. This philosophy helps to optimise results with less down time. It does this by formulating the resurfacing solutions with healing minerals, botanical extracts, and plan stem cells for cellular repair.

A thorough skin analysis is always performed before each skin peel treatment and preparation of the skin 2 weeks prior is required for all corrective Peels.

VITA BRITE REFERESHER    30 mins    $120

This exclusive LIRA Clinical Treatment tightens, firms, brightens and hydrates to refresh any skin type. Makes a great introductory peel and maintenance treatment.

LACTIC BRIGHT   30 mins   $120

Clear and brighten the skin with this Lactic treatment. This treatment is great for a quicker refresher to brighten and hydrate the skin.

PUMPKIN PROBIOTIC   30 mins   $140

Strengthens the skin’s barrier function whilst balancing and safeguarding from free radical invaders. Works to release any skin impurities present and restore natural hydration and collagen. There is no downtime to this treatment and can be performed on all skin types all year round. Definite WINNER!!

LACTIC (Pigmentation)    30 mins   $150

Correct, clear and brighten the skin. This treatments hydrates, evens skin tone and corrects photo damage, pigmentation and overexposed skin. This peel contains a unique blend of five different acids, plant stem cells and a bold botanical formulation. Perfect for all skin types.

GREEN POWER (Acne)     30 mins    $150

This natural herbal exfoliator awakens the skin tightening and diminishing fine line while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars. Great for acne and acne scars.

MINERAL JESSNER (Anti-ageing)   30 mins   $150

Corrects stubborn fine lines and wrinkles and reduced the appearance of acne scars. Contains the healing combination of plant stems cells, green tea extract, colloidal silver and gold that allows for more corrective results with less down time.

SAL PULP DEFINER (Congestion)   30 mins   $150

Brightens skin tone while managing and reducing congestion. Contains an exotic infusion of varies fruit and botanical extracts making this peel packed with antioxidants and advanced plant stem cells which help to heal and rejuvenate.

MEDICAL MELASMA    45 mins    $200 per treatment

This treatment is performed as part of a series (minimum 3) and is a multi layered peel that targets Melasma. Skin consultation required to be booked prior to program commencement.

CUSTOM COCKTAIL PEELS  45 mins  $200-$300

Advanced peels that are tailored to your specific skin type and skin concern for corrective results. These are multi layered peels that will have downtime. Skin consultation required prior to treatment.

Pre Treatment Care Tips:

With the exception of Vita Brite and Pumpkin, all treatments require prepping of the skin on Lira Clinical products. To help with this we include the Core 4 in our Peel Packs. See https://www.a1skin.com.au/skin-packs/ for more information.

Post Treatment Care Tips:

It is important with all skin peels to follow post care instruction given by your skin therapist. It is essential to heal, protect, and soothe irritated and sensitised skin. We must heal the skin!

Facial Peel Benefits:

  • Tightens/Firms
  • Brightens
  • Hydrates
  • Removes Pigmentation
  • Treats Melasma
  • Clears Acne
  • Clears Congestion

Facial Peel Before and After (1x Treatment):

facial peel before and after photos

skin peel treatment

Skin Peels Treatment FAQs

What Can I Expect During The Facial Peel Treatment?

Depending on what skin peel treatment you have each one can feel different. If you are treating acne with us you can feel a prickle sensation on the skin or often with resurfacing skin peels the skin can feel heated and slightly inflamed. This is all completely normal and the result we want from a clinical skin peel.

How Do I Prepare for a Facial Peel Treatment?

Most facial peel treatments require you to prep your skin on products to ensure the skin is strong enough to achieve the amazing result it can.

What Are The Advantages Of A Facial Peel Treatment?

Facial Peel treatments can provide tightening, firming, hydrating, brightening of the skin. They can be used to clear acne, congestion and improve acne scarring if performed in a course of peel treatments.

What Conditions Can Be Corrected With A Facial Peel Treatment?

Acne, congestion, ageing, scarring, pigmentation, melasma.

How Many Facial Peel Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on your skin concern, we normally recommend with Lira Clinical Smart Peels to begin with three (3) treatments performed fortnightly. This enables to skin to each time work away at the skin concern whilst healing the skin and maintaining the integrity.

Are Skin Peels Right For Me?

Lira Clinical Skin Peels can be performed on all skin types. We always recommend with any clinical skin treatments to seek the advice of a skin specialist for a thorough skin consultation.