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We are passionate about treating from the inside out! Did you know that approximately 80% of your immune system sits within your gut? This is exactly why the hashtag #guthealthmatters is spot on the money! We always look at healing the skin from the inside out and looking at what is causing the skin concern and strengthening internally any issues at the same time as using professional skin treatments. This is how you get the best long term results!

But how can your gut affect your skin? The skin has always been viewed in the nutritional world as an indicator of internal issues especially imbalances. Everyone’s gut needs to have a balance of good and bad bacteria and when that is altered is when we see breakouts, inflammation or rashes appearing on the skin. So when we look at someone who has gut and digestion problems we see a body that is not retaining and absorbing nutrients properly and we need to do some work internally before a facial treatment can help.

For example, many people say eating diary gives them breakouts. Hmmmm but why? What does dairy have that is so bad for acne? Insulin! Milk especially is known to increase insulin levels and high insulin = increased oil in our skin = clogged hair follicles = breakouts! For most people eating a healthy balanced diet is sufficient but if you do have a specific skin concern it might be worth looking internally at what could be causing the problem also….??

So now that we know the skin represents the health of our body and that the food you consume can make a difference, what are some foods that we should be limiting in our diet?

  1. Alcohol – Alcohol causes dehydration in the skin and we all know it is bad but as long as we keep everything in moderation.
  2. Fast Foods – We all love us some deep fried foods but the salt and sugar they contain are definitely no good for the skin!
  3. Dairy – Insulin can increase the production of skin oils and clog hair follicles.
  4. Coffee – Multiple cups of coffee are day is not great for your skin as it can contribute to dehydration of the skin.
  5. High Glycemic Foods – these foods digest faster causing blood sugar and insulin to increase and we now know that this increases the production of skin oils.

Once your internal factory is working properly we then move to professional skin treatments and look at a variety of facials South Melbourne location that can help topically. DMK Enzyme Therapy Melbourne.

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