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Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

Let us cover waxing frequently asked questions below to try and put any fears at ease.

Can waxing be painful?

Can it be eased by the type of wax used? The answer is yes. There are many brands of wax out there but at A1skin we use only the best waxing brand, Caron. We have found over the years this wax is soothing and with coconut as an ingredient makes it soft on sensitive areas and reduces the amount of redness and irritation.

Why wax and not shave?

Shaving only cuts the hair and can cause it to become corse and irritated. Waxing, although painful for some areas, removes the hair from the follicle which reduces the volume, hair grows back finer and in the same direction which creates a nice clean smooth skin surface.

Mens waxing is one of preference.

Men’s hair grows thicker and coarser and if shaved can irritate and itch the skin. Waxing on the other hand has the benefit of hair growing back thinner and smoother allowing quick and easy maintenance when required. It is important for men to maintain there waxing routine regularly as this will create a smoother appearance and lessen the pain each visit. At A1skin we have experience waxing therapist.

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